What do we celebrate at Christmas?

Which are the most representative icons for Christmas?

What do people usually do these days?
Go shopping
Decorate the house
Put up light s or a Christmas tree to decorate the house
Put the manger on display
people gather (get together)
hang stockings
exchange presents

What is your personal opinion bout this time of the year?

The principle difference between a Spanish Christmas and the Anglo Saxon version is the importance give to the 6th January. In Spain this is when the three wise men bring the presents . In recent years many families have started to give their children their presents on Chistmas Eve, although this is changing because children have to go to school on the 7th and they don't have time to play with their presents. Most families have a "belén" (nativity scene) on display in their house. Families get together and have lunch or dinner. On New Year´s eve a grape is eaten for each stroke of the clock at 12pm . Each grape is supposed to represent one month of the new year