· French is essential in this job. All the telephonists speak it. If they (not know) French they (not understand) the callers
· If someone (ring) my doorbell at 3 a.m. . I (be) very unwilling to open the door
· I haven´t got a vacuum cleaner; that´s why I´m so slow cleaning. If I (have) one, I (not be) so slow.
· She was sent to prison only because she refused to pay the fine; If she (pay) the fine she (not be) sent to prison
· He didn´t tell me that he was a vegetarian till the end of the meal. If he (tell) me earlier I ( not cook) him meat.
· I´ve hung out the clothes. It´s lovely and sunny; If it (stay) like this they (be) dry in two hours
Why don´t you get a cat? Because I don´t like them. If you (get) a cat, the mice (not run) all around the house.
· It´s a pity he never patented his invetion. If he (patent) it he (make) a lot of money
· This room is freezing because the fire has just been lit. If it (be lit) this morning, as I suggested, the room would be warm enough to sit down
· Tell him to bring his bicycle inside, this is a dangerous area and if he (leave) it outside someone (steal) it
· He looked so small and weak that nobody asked him to do anything. If he (look) strong he (be) digging all day like everone else.
· Is he very rich? I suppose he is. If he (be) a poor man he (not stay) at the Ritz Hotel.
· Of course I´m not going to give her a diamond ring. If I (give) her a diamond ring she (sell) it.
· If the earth suddenly (stop) spinning we all (fly) off it.